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15th June 2021

Latest Release

Keystone Next now has a new core 🤖, unblocking many of the features you’ve been waiting for! — read more

2nd June 2021

We have a new JSON field ✨, a bunch of new learning resources, and plenty of under the hood optimisations in this big release. 💪 — read more

19th May 2021

Node updates and Admin UI has moved! 🚚 — read more

17th May 2021

Apollo caching can now be configured for performance 🔥 and a basic authentication example to get your started 🔒 — read more

11th May 2021

A bunch of admin UI tweaks in this release 🖥️, among other minor fixes — read more

5th May 2021

Aside from dependency updates 😴, we added an isIndexed config option to the text, integer, float, select, and timestamp field types — read more

3rd May 2021

Files in Keystone Next 📁! This release involved a bunch of busywork behind the scenes in Keystone Next 🔧 — read more

20th April 2021

Improvements to the Lists API, deprecating resolveFields 🔧 — read more

6th April 2021

Controlled code demolition 🏗️ 👷‍♀️, Better pagination in Admin UI ⏭️ — read more

30th March 2021

Goodbye legacy code 👋 🌇, Improved select field type 🔽, Squashed bugs 🐛 — read more

23rd March 2021

Added support for SQLite with Prisma 🎉, Noteworthy bug-squashing 🐛 — read more

22nd March 2021

Prisma migrations 🚚, Noteworthy bug-squashing 🐛 — read more

🔎 You can also find all Keystone Next releases on GitHub!

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